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This is Sycamore's class web page. Our teacher is Mrs Bright. Our web page shows what we are learning, class news and some useful links.

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Cross-Curricular Theme

Under the Canopy 

 Can I locate rainforests?

Can i describe the features of a rainforest?

Can I identify parts of plants and their functions?

Can I investigate the conditions needed for plants to grow?

Can I explain how plants reproduce?

Can I group animals according to their habitats?

Can I classify animals?

Can I identify and construct food chains?

Can I explain how changes to the environment affect the rainforest? 


Media (term 4)

Create pictures using a range of tools and effects such as blur, diffuse, darken, reflect and repeats.

Contribute their own ideas to a wiki and use resources from a wiki to support planning for a project

Use all fingers to create text based documents incorporating images selecting appropriate fonts, size and colour for a purpose and emphasis. Use bold, underline and italics for emphasis.

Record sounds and voices and compose music and use tools to add effects to recordings and compositions


Religious Education

Is forgiveness always possible?

(Linked to Easter)



SEAL(Social and Emotional aspects of Learning)


Good to Be Me


W/C 20th March

Data Handling


W/C 20th March

Discussion Texts


Handball- Indoors Monday

Games (Striking and Fielding) - Outdoors Tuesday

Please ensure the children have their kit on these days. They will need: navy shorts, white t-shirt, daps/trainers, and for the colder months navy jogging bottoms and sweatshirt.


Grammar and Phonics: Spellings can be found HERE



Here are some useful websites the children can use at home! (provides reading & numeracy learning exercises & activities for parents to do with their children) (Numeracy & Literacy) (Keyboard Typing)   (Keyboard Typing) (Numeracy Games) (Spelling & Grammar) (Science Games) (Times tables games) (Times tables games) (literacy) (Literacy) (Literacy)


If you would like to follow our school on twitter then use the following link: @stmarysyatepri