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This is the Oak class's web page. Our teacher is Mr Ridd. Our web page shows what we are learning, class news and some useful links.


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 In class we are learning...

Cross-Curricular Theme:  



Computing (Term 5)

'Impact on technology'

Can I evaluate the impact websites have on their audience?

Can I say how to find out who information belongs to on a website? 

Can I say some ways to evaluate the reliability of websites? 

Can I share an understanding about intellectual property and copyright? 

Can I say how websites are designed? 



Religious Education:   Christianity - What did Jesus do to save human beings?






Yr 5 Literacy wk commencing 24th April 

 We are focusing on the text 'Pig Heart Boy'. 

This week we will be looking at using a variety of parenthesis, varying our sentence structure, using connectives, writing from a point of view and creating a balanced argument. 



 Numeracy (week commencing 3rd April 2017)

This week, children will be focusing on improving their understanding of using the four operations and area and perimeter.  Children will be aiming to answer the following objectives:

Can I problem solve using the four operations?

Can I problem solve using area and perimeter?

 Can I problem solve?


Yr 5's 





If your child would like to do some extra activities at home, in their own time, they need to let Mr Ridd know and he can provide a Home/School book. 



PE days - Tuesday and Thursday  (Term 4)

Please can children have correct PE kit in school for these days. White t-shirt, blue or black shorts and appropriate footwear for both indoor and outdoor PE.  I am more than happy for children to wear jogging bottoms for outdoor PE when it is cold, but please can these be dark and plain.

Children will need to tie their hair back and ALL jewellery must be removed (earrings may be covered with tape)

Cycle training - Mr. Moon is organising cycle training this year. Children will know who is doing it this term. 



This week the spelling rule for Miss Stell's set is:

The letter 'y' that sounds like 'i' in words such as:






The current spelling rule for Mr Moon's and Mr Ridd's set is:

Words ending –able or –ible (-ibly/-ably)

For example:

possibly, incredibly, comfortable, capable, possible, terrible, horrible, workable

As a general rule, words that are complete words already add 'able': comfort --> comfortable

whereas words that are incomplete add 'ible' : poss ---> possible

Spellings for Revision

The 100 words mentioned in the email, and brought home by your child are:

accommodate, accompany, according, achieve, aggressive, amateur, ancient, apparent, appreciate, attached, available, average, awkward

bargain, bruise

category, cemetery, committee, communicate, community, competition, conscience, conscious, controversy, convenience, correspond, criticise, curiosity

definite, desperate, determined, develop, dictionary, disastrous

embarrass, environment, equip (-ped, -ment), especially, exaggerate, excellent, existence, explanation

familiar, foreign, forty, frequently

government, guarantee

harass, hindrance

identity, immediate(ly), individual, interfere, interrupt

language, leisure, lightning

marvellous, mischievous, muscle

necessary, neighbour, nuisance

occupy, occur, opportunity

parliament, persuade, physical, prejudice, privilege, profession, programme, pronunciation


recognise, recommend, relevant, restaurant, rhyme, rhythm

sacrifice, secretary, shoulder, signature, sincere(ly), soldier, stomach, sufficient, suggest, symbol, system

temperature, thorough, twelfth

variety, vegetable, vehicle




Times Tables:

We complete 'Learn it' tasks which focus on a range of times tables. Please support your child with the times tables they are not secure with.


If you would like to follow our school on twitter then use the following link: @stmarysyatepri