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 This is Chestnut class's web page. Our class teacher is Mr Moon. 

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 In Class we are learning...



Cross-Curricular Theme
  • This term we are looking at 'Trading Places'. This theme investigates how and why people trade. We are also looking at how trade effects different countries and who benefits from trading fairly. 

    We are also taking part in the Junior Apprentice. Each child is in a group where they will compete to make as much profit as possible by designing and selling a product.



    We are looking at the conditions that allow bacteria to flourish and which areas of the school contain the most and least bacteria. 





  • Complete data collection and analysis.
  • Select, collect, check accuracy and analyse the data through selecting appropriate data manipulation tools, and present results.
  • Solve problems by manipulating and interrogating data and present their findings.
  • Question the integrity of data and identify where data may be compromised.


Religious Education

 We are learning all about Sikhism, its beginnings,  the beliefs that Sikhs hold and how they show commitment to their religion. 



Yr 5's term 4

We are looking at narrative writing based on the discovery of King Tutankhamun. The children will focus on: Using ENP's (expanded noun phrases), imagery, fronted adverbials, cohesive devices, varied clause structure and a balance of description and speech. At the end of week three the children will write their own version of Howard Carter's discovery. 


Yr 5's term 4

This week we are looking at measures. This will include: converting measures, reading scales and making estimations. 




This week the spelling rule for Miss Stell's set is:

The prefixes in- and re-

invisible, incoherent, reappear etc


This week (Jan 2017) the spelling rule for Mr Moon's and Mr Ridd's set is:

Words ending –able or –ible (-ibly/-ably)

For example:

possibly, incredibly, comfortable, capable, possible, terrible, horrible, workable

As a general rule, words that are complete words already add 'able': comfort --> comfortable

whereas words that are incomplete add 'ible' : poss ---> possible


PE days 2016/2017 - Tuesday and Thursday

Please can children have correct PE kit in school for these days. White t-shirt, blue or black shorts and appropriate footwear for both indoor and outdoor PE.  I am more than happy for children to wear jogging bottoms for outdoor PE when it is cold, but please can these be dark and plain.


Children will need to tie their hair back and ALL jewellery must be removed (earrings may be covered with tape)


Cycle training - Every Wednesday afternoon (individual emails will go out to remind you).




Our class assembly is this Friday 14th October at 9.00am!


Homophones and other words that are often confused

If you would like to follow our school on twitter then use the following link: @stmarysyatepri