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This is Lime class's web page. Our teachers are Mrs Doyle and Mrs Timms. Our web page shows what we are learning.

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In class we are learning...


Theme Holiday News
Religious Education  

SEAL(Social and Emotional aspects of Learning)


We hope you have had a fantastic Easter Break and look forward to seeing you in class on Monday 24th!

For our first week back, we will be talking to the children about the things that they did over the Easter holidays. We will be asking the children to write some sentences about their holiday, encouraging them to use their Set 1 and 2 sounds that they have learnt as well as spelling the Red words correctly. We will also be reminding the children to start using capital letters and full stops in their sentences.

In numeracy we will provide the children with a range of activities focusing on 2D shapes. We will be naming the common shape, square, circle, triangle and rectangle, as well as the trickier shapes such as star, oval, pentagon, hexagon and octagon. We will be talking about the shape properties and will be hunting for shapes in the everyday environment as well as making shape pictures and patterns.

We will of course be continuing with Guided Reading on Tuesday, one to one reading and our daily phonic sessions. PE will be on Wednesday morning. Please can your child have a pair of daps or trainers, as when the weather is good we will doing our PE outside. 

On the Friday, we will also be joining in with the school Challenge Day celebrating Earth Day. We will be completing some creative activities relating to looking after the Earth, including making bird feeders from junk modelling, creating a mini environment, making a rainforest in a bottle, making egg box flowers, investigating forests and the animals that live in them. Due to this, we are collecting egg boxes and clear plastic bottles. If you have any that you could send in, please could you bring them by Wednesday 26th. Thank you.

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If you would like to follow our school on twitter then use the following link: @stmarysyatepri