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Welcome to the Foundation Stage 

In the Early Years we have two classes:

Lemon and Lime

Our web page shows what we are learning.


In class we are learning... 


Cross-Curricular Theme

Instructions, Measure and Harvest

ICT Using

 Size ordering activities on the class computers

Religious Education  Harvest

SEAL(Social and Emotional aspects of Learning) 



Well done to all the children last week, they did fantastic story telling using the Oxford reading tree books and we can't wait to see how much they have read with their own reading books this weekend. 

Once again we will be continuing our morning bell work on Monday to Thursday. The children quickly settle at their colour coded tables and complete a different task each morning. We are very impressed with the way that they settle at these activities every morning. 

This week, we will be looking at Harvest in preparation for our harvest festival on Friday. In literacy the children will be reading The Little Red Hen and will be making jam sandwiches. They will be thinking about the instructions and will be sequences them using pictures. There will be lots of other creative Little Red Hen activities going on as well such as mask making for the role-play area and the use of numbers to help the little red hen.

Later in the week, the children will be looking at using the language of measure such as bigger / smaller, heavier / lighter. We will be using the balancing scales to measure and compare fruit and veg in our fruit and veg shop and we will be using the vegetables to print patterns.

The children will also be reading in class for the first time this week. The letter you received last week explains when their reading day is so please ensure you have given your child the opportunity to look at it with you before their reading day. Please support your child to learn the names of the characters and encourage them to tell you the story using the pictures.

Thank you for your support

The Foundation Stage Team





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